La Voix des Mechif

This half-hour thirteen part documentary series on the heritage and life of the Mechif of western Canada has enhanced the self-image of the Mechif people. The producer was able to elicit from the participants interesting and frank stories about their views on history, about their individual challenges and successes, which made many Mechif proud of who they are. The episodes also created an understanding and appreciation of the Mechif heritage and life as never before. Samplings of those comments given orally or verbally attest to the quality and richness of the videos. Steve Racine who assisted First Voice Multimedia Inc's assembling a story on trapping at Turtle Mountain, Manitoba, stated that of all the things he has done during his life, this work was the most rewarding.

Episode 8: "Le violon: la joie de vie des Mechif" - "Music"

Fiddling, singing and jigging were always an integral part of life for the Mechif. These forms of entertainment took place routinely, especially in the winter month, when outdoor activities were limited. Through the years and still today, music warms the hearts of the Mechif.

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Title: La Voix des Mechif
Size: 55.8 Megs
Run Time: 24 minutes
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