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Mission Statement

To provide a voice for Native people in expressing their heritage and aspirations in order to give people an opportunity to fulfill their dreams, and to share the heritage and life of Native people with those of other cultures.


  • To research thoroughly each topic produced by using primary, secondary and electronic media resources.
  • To share the wisdom of Native people with others.
  • To produce multimedia materials about the heritage and life of First Nation, Metis and Inuit in Canada.
  • To distribute such materials to Native people and the general public through television and education systems.

First Voice Multimedia

First Voice Multimedia was founded by Dr. Raoul McKay to produce videos about the heritage and life of Native people of North America. The objective is to create appealing and informative videos on a variety of themes on the heritage and life of First Nations, Metis and Inuit people.

First Voice Multimedia was conceived in 1997 and was incorporated by Raoul and Iris McKay in 1999 as a family business. Raoul, president and executive producer of the company, created the company to share the wealth of knowledge he gained as a scholar, educator and volunteer in education, sports and social services. The principals of the firm know the importance of using a holistic approach in developing their multimedia products to reflect the worldview, beliefs and practices of the Native people over the centuries. While the participants occupy centre stage in productions, they do so in the context of their cosmos, their relationship among themselves as nations, and their rapport with people of other cultures. The company relies on creative and skilled personnel to produce informative, sound quality videos and other multimedia products. One of the visions of Dr. McKay as an educator was to promote education and training for Native people. As a producer, he continues the practice of training and employing Native people in all phases of multimedia production.

Raoul McKay's knowledge on the history and life of Native people is based on both the written and oral tradition of the Metis and First Nations people. He knows intimately the background and aspirations of the Metis through studies, experience and his personal background. He has done a number of television and radio shows as well as interviews on a variety of themes regarding Native people.

Other works include The Life and Works of the Woodland Artists, The Life and Works of Daphne Odjig, St. Laurent Goes to Washington (the story of a Metis community's participation at the National Museum of the American Indian), and Standing Tall ( a production depicting the history and community involvement in two Winnipeg inner city schools).

The company has completed over thirty productions, including a thirteen part documentary series called La Voix des Mechif 1 and II that aired on APTN. They were well received by the general public and the Mechif in particular.

Dr. Gerald Brown, a former head librarian for the Winnipeg School Division who currently volunteers in setting up libraries internationally, viewed the thirteen part series La Voix des Mechif and suggested that all public and private school libraries in Manitoba should possess a copy of the series due to its informative, entertaining, and educational value.

First Voice Multimedia is dedicated to further producing quality videos on a variety of themes regarding the heritage and life of the Metis, First Nation's and Inuit people of Canada.

The Principals

Both Dr. Raoul McKay and Iris McKay, have extensive knowledge and experience in business, education and community work. This gives them an excellent background in the development and creation of multimedia products.

Raoul gained his knowledge through experimental learning and formal education. He knows intimately the background and aspirations of the Metis through studies, experience and his personal background. He grew up in St. Eustache, Manitoba, has kept his connection with the Metis community through his family and friends and through his work as a professional and as a volunteer. Through experience and formal studies, Raoul knows the First Nations people well throughout Canada.

Raoul completed four university degrees including his Ph.D in history at the University of Toronto. One of his majors in Canadian history was the history of Native peoples including a comprehensive study of the heritage and life of the Metis of Canada, and a thesis on Treaty 5 (1875-1935).

As an educator, researcher and community worker, Raoul's input was sought by television and radio producers. These included Woodsmoke and Sweetgrass, CBC (French and English) and CKY news interviews and short documentaries. He researched and participated in the production of Seasons of the Buffalo, a very successful one-hour documentary. The company is well served by the Executive Producer's in-depth and broad knowledge on topics for multimedia productions.

Iris McKay, a former high school teacher specializing in English and Mathematics, has extensive business and management experience. She operates her own financial advisor's business. She has done extensive editing on reports, theses, and articles, and has also edited production scripts. Her experience and knowledge of budgets and business practices serve well the purposes and goals of First Voice Multimedia